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17 Years old.
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Joon is my everything.
currently sobbing over luhan & baekhyun 。◕‿◕。

I was seriously when this stuff helped me lose weight. 


raise ur hand if u cried because of mir


Okay, no body has to like ANYTHING if they don’t want to. Im a consumer, and im buying the album. Does that mean i have to pretend to like a picture?. You guys act like it’s impossible to complain and not like something. Jtunecamp is NOT perfect and if they release something shitty I will say it. Why sugarcoat it? Besides, its not even the teaser that people don’t like, everyone just wanted to see mblaq. The teaser was low quality and cheap don’t say it wasn’t. Thats what i hate about A+ on tumblr they just “:)))))” everything and have no real opinions on anything.  Stop pretending that this fandom is the only one that has ever not accepted a teaser pic. SM has released plenty of crappy teasers, people complain, and move on. We complain, and move on. Who said we didn’t like jtunecamp and wasn’t gonna buy the album? At the end of the day, people can feel how they want about anything.

twitter is a mess lmao

just checking in cause mblaq comeback bye

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wow i havent been on here in like a good 2 years this is crazy

#ManyHappyMirDay23 Happy 23rd birthday to our hyper, spazzy, dorky, adorable, hilarious and lovely maknae Mireu

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came back for joons birthday yippie